Network security is a necessity, not an option.
With viruses, intrusion attempts, injections and malware around every corner,the last thing you need is for your network to go down as a result of an intrusion.

Our experience working in the Casino industry has given us unique skills and exposure to a range of different security elements.

We can implement a range of security practices that allow seamless access to the internet for your business and staff with the peace of mind that you are protected. Some of these include:
Stateful and Application Level Firewalls - Protect your applications and services to ensure that your customers and employees can access your network 24/7. A range of options are available from cost effective Linux based systems to Checkpoint on Nokia devices.
Perimeter Content Inspection - Data from the internet is filtered at the network perimeter before it arrives at your computer. Surf the net, read your emails and download files secure in the knowledge that everything you see has already been scanned. File integrity monitoring solutions - an important part of the configuration control equation because it allows organisations to detect and remediate improper changes when they occur.
Security Auditing and management - The network is scrutinised for vulnerablilities.

Your clients and staff depend on you to keep their personal information confidential.